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15th-Sep-2017 08:54 pm - Fegredo's BPRD covers
goo: (BPRD Liz - look at her go!)
Duncan Fegredo's covers for BPRD: Cometh The Hour were so fucking wonderful that I've been looking forward to seeing his covers for The Devil You Know just about as much as I was to reading the actual story.
And I was particularly looking forward to who would be on the fifth Devil You Know cover, because it really wasn't obvious by eliminating who had been on the first four. It turned out to be everyone! I'm so bloody delighted.

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14th-Sep-2017 09:12 am - YESSSS!
goo: Orange icon of Ozzie from People of Earth with the text 'don't get weird'. (Ppl of Earth - Ozzie)
People of Earth renewed for a third season! I AM HYPED. My absolute favourite thing at the moment!
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